Wild Yaks - Live At Rippers
$10.00 - $25.00

  • Wild Yaks - Live At Rippers
  • Wild Yaks - Live At Rippers
  • Wild Yaks - Live At Rippers
  • Wild Yaks - Live At Rippers

Wild Yaks - Live At Rippers
$10.00 - $25.00

For this "roman candle of a band" (The New York Times) music is a gift. It’s the ability to take the horrible parts of life, and elevate them into a sacred, firey riot. "I think my chief interest is to transform despair into moments for celebration. What I’m trying to do is rejoice in what’s fragile, and rejoice in what’s already broken. The only thing that I will accept is being fully abandoned. It’s about moving and singing with no concern for the consequences," says Wild Yaks’ frontman and songwriter Rob Bryn.

"Live at Rippers", the band’s fourth LP and first live album, presents this vision and the band’s "sense-clobbering" performance better than any album to date. It was recorded at the Rockaway Beach punk-rock-beach-burger-joint Rippers in October of 2019. Bryn again: Almost all of the songs grew out of moments that happened in Rockaway. And to perform them at Rippers on the altar of blood from which so many of these things sprang is strange and amazing."

For fans of the Wild Yaks, the record is everything we could have hoped for: a tidal wave of energy from beginning to end, and six men shouting at the top of their lungs in the auditory equivalent of the last dance before the apocalypse. And when you listen to this recording, somehow, miraculously, it actually feels like you are there.

"Live at Rippers" is jointly issued on vinyl by Open Ocean and Ernest Jenning Record Company.

Track Listing

  1. Million Years
  2. Strawberry Wolf
  3. What Does My Love
  4. Great Admirer
  5. Comes Close To You
  6. Paradise
  7. Tomahawk
  8. River May Come
  9. Last Tears Of The Night
  10. Blood Red Field

Pressing Information

500 LPs with jackets hand-screened in Rockaway Beach, NY

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