Pegasuses-XL - Psychic Entourage
$8.00 - $10.00

  • Pegasuses-XL - Psychic Entourage

Pegasuses-XL - Psychic Entourage
$8.00 - $10.00

"Psychic Entourage" is an album that carries the PXL flag of humor, unpredictability, and rhythmic focus, but also bears the weight of internal turmoil. Struggling to create something worth remembering while simultaneously carving out their place in the world, the band members found themselves on tumultuous footing. Ultimately the group collapsed and the album sat untouched for close to one year. Finally, this band, equally cherished and maligned, submitted their final album to Ernest Jenning Record Company for release. We think it's brilliant.

Track Listing

  1. Natural Awakenings
  2. Power Myth
  3. Sea Mountain Island
  4. Basement Beat
  5. Shipwreck
  6. For Edgar Mitchell
  7. Approach The Orb
  8. Trancers
  9. McCabe's Dream
  10. End Of The World
  11. See Ya
  12. EP Beat
  13. (Bonus Track) Object Zero
  14. (Bonus Track) Take It Easy

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