Still Flyin'

Current Core Lineup:
Sean Rawls - vocals, guitar
Zach Moran - guitar
Phil Horan - drums
Maria Niubo - keys, vocals
Samuele Palazzi - bass

Members on Past Recordings:
Yoshi Nakamoto - drums (The Aislers Set, Scenic Vermont, Poastal, Eux Autres)
Gabe Saucedo - vibraphone, saxophone, guitar, vocals (Red Pony Clock)
Bren Mead - percussion, guitar, bass, drums, vocals (Masters of the Hemisphere, Veteran, Summer Hymns)
Mark Monnone - bass (The Lucksmiths)
Mindy Schweitzer-Rawls - vocals
Marjan Esfandiari - vocals
Jaime Knight - vocals (Poundsign, Dear Nora)
Gary Olson - trumpet, vocals (The Ladybug Transistor)
Frank Jordan - saxophone (Bright Lights)
Isobel Knowles - trumpet, keys, vocals (Architecture in Helsinki, The Icypoles)
Alicia Vanden Heuvel - keys, vocals (The Aislers Set, Poundsign)
Drew Cramer - bass (Personal and the Pizzas, the Mantles)
Lizeth Santos - vocals
Becky Barron - vocals (Poundsign, Kids On A Crime Spree, Bright Lights)
Brian Girgus - bongos (lowercase, Track Star)
Adrian Finch - keys, percussion, saxophone, vocals (Masters of the Hemisphere, Night Moves Gold, Dances With Wolves, Elf Power, Summer Hymns)

Past Live Performers:
Wyatt Cusick - bass, guitar (Track Star, The Aislers Set)
Carrie Jedlicka - keys, vocals
Ice Bergeron - reverb tank (Je Suis France, Peace Goat)
OJ Hammond - guru (Je Suis France, Excalibrah)
Ake Stromer - saxophone (Love Is All, James Ausfahrt)
Tara Shackell - trombone, vocals (Architecture in Helsinki, The Icypoles)
Gus Franklin - percussion (Architecture in Helsinki, Sheahan Drive, The Smallgoods)
Anna Storakers - vocals
Brody Railton - reverb tank
Josephine Olausson - vocals (Love Is All, Girlfrendo)
Richard Baluyut - guitar (Versus)
Markus Gorsch - bongos (Love Is All, Girlfrendo, Glenn und Glenn)
Jens Lekman - guitar, vocals (Jens Lekman)

Still Flyin' - Perfect Future
January 15, 2016
Ernest Jenning Record Co.
Still Flyin' - Travelin' Man
March 26, 2012
Ernest Jenning Record Co.
Still Flyin' - On A Bedroom Wall
May 21, 2012
Ernest Jenning Record Co. / Lost and Lonesome (AU) / Staatsakt (DE/AT/CH) / We Were Never Being Boring (IT) / Highline (UK/Ireland/France/Scandinavia/Benelux)
Still Flyin' - Victory Walker
October 19, 2010
Ernest Jenning Record Co.
Still Flyin' - Neu Ideas
January 18, 2011
Ernest Jenning Record Co.
Still Flyin' - A Party In Motion
July 20, 2010
Ernest Jenning Record Co.
Still Flyin' - Never Gonna Touch The Ground
April 21, 2009
Ernest Jenning Record Co. / Antenna Farm / Lost and Lonesome / Moshi Moshi
Still Flyin' - Runaway Train II
April 20, 2010
Ernest Jenning Record Co.

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