Perennial - Art History
$10.00 - $24.00

  • Perennial - Art History

Perennial - Art History
$10.00 - $24.00

Perennial is an art project: Mod pop, post-hardcore, 60s soul, ambient electronic music, midcentury design, abstract expressionism, French New Wave cinema; it’s all collage material for Perennial.

The band — electric organist Chelsey Hahn, guitarist Chad Jewett and drummer Ceej Dioguardi — is equal parts manic basement show bombast and studio-as-instrument headphone listening. To see the New England three-piece in person is to experience a 20-minute burst of kinetic energy: dynamic, reckless, electrifying. To put on one of Perennial’s records is to spend almost the same amount of time with impeccably layered studio-as-instrument punk modernism.

Art History, the band’s newest full-length album (out June 7 via Ernest Jenning Record Co.), finds Perennial further experimenting with their angular cut-and-glue aesthetic. An adventurous 20 minutes of impressionist punk energy, British Invasion guitar pop chic, and Mod-inflected rhythm and noise rave-ups, Art History is both Perennial’s most giddily accessible and most artistically daring record to date.

Track Listing

  1. Art History
  2. Tambourine On Snare
  3. Action Painting
  4. Jet Set Mono
  5. A Is For Abstract
  6. Up-tight
  7. How The Ivy Crawls
  8. Tiger Technique
  9. Mouthful Of Bees
  10. B Is For Brutalism
  11. The Mystery Tone
  12. Perennial Meets The Wolfman

Pressing Information

250 Clear with Kelly Green and Black Splatter
250 Kelly Green
100 Cyan Blue
100 Black in Green A Side/B Side

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