William S. Burroughs - Let Me Hang You
$12.00 - $20.00

  • William S. Burroughs -  Let Me Hang You
  • William S. Burroughs -  Let Me Hang You
  • William S. Burroughs -  Let Me Hang You

William S. Burroughs - Let Me Hang You
$12.00 - $20.00

Twenty years ago, William S. Burroughs was asked to record an audio version of his favorite parts of Naked Lunch. Longtime associates and producers Hal Willner and James Grauerholz produced several sessions, and they recruited a team of world class musicians to help. Famed for their Naked City involvement, Bill Frisell and Wayne Horvitz contributed their genius, as well as Eyvind Kang, just to name a few. The recordings were then abandoned and collecting dust on a musty shelf, as forgotten as a piece of rancid ectoplasm on a peepshow floor.

In 2015, Hal Willner decided to reopen this unfinished masterpiece and asked help from King Khan (a musician that he and Lou Reed admired and became fast friends with). Hal sent Khan all of the recordings and asked him to add his gris gris to this extremely perverted gumbo... and history was made and the scum began to rise!

King Khan recruited M Lamar, the creator of the "Negrogothic" movement and the identical twin brother of transgender actress Laverne Cox (Orange is the New Black), and The Frowning Clouds, a band of young Australian boys who have mastered the sixties garage punk sound -- and that perhaps WSB would have also enjoyed for other purposes a long time ago.

Let Me Hang You is a collection of depraved genius straight from the godfather of punk's very own mouth. If chills and thrills are what you seek, then look no further -- here is the bible of freakdom, recited by the pope of the underground... Now, pull the chair from underneath you and see what happens!

Produced by James Grauerholz, A. A. Khan & Hal Willner
Words by William S. Burroughs
Published by Nova Lark Music (ASCAP) administered by Songs of Virtual (North America) and Touch Tones Music (Rest of World).

Recorded and Mixed by Vera Beren, James Grauerholz, Wayne Horvitz, Eric Liljestrand, Robert Rebeck & A. A. Khan at Hairball IV Studio and Mercy Studio in Lawrence, KS, Wayne Horovitz's home studio in Seattle, WA, Eric Liljestrand's home studio in Venice, CA & King Khan's Moon Studios in Berlin, Germany.

Edited and Sequenced by Hal Willner

Reading from Burroughs’ novel, Naked Lunch, using an Abridgement edited by Nelson Lyon

Artwork by Michael Eaton & A. A. Khan

Mastered by Nene Barratto at PorcAudio, Berlin, Germany.

In loving memory of Nelson Lyon.

Music by Bill Frisell (Published by Friz-tone Music), Wayne Horovitz (published by Other Room Music), Eyvind Kang (published by Deformed Music, A. A. Khan (published by House of Hassle), Hal Willner, El Congo Allen, Nick Van Bakel & Reginald M. Lamar.

William S. Burroughs - voice
King Khan – guitar, bass, violin, VCS 3 Synthesizer, piano, organ & drums
Bill Frisell - guitar
Wayne Horvitz - keyboards
Eyvind Kang - violin, erhu & shani
El Congo Allen - Trumpet
Tony Sher -bass
Kenny Wollesen - drums
Jenny Scheinman - violin
Hank Roberts - cello
M Lamar - vocals
Hal Willner - samples & turntables
The Frowning Clouds:
Jake Robertson – Bass
Nick Van Bakel – Guitar
Zak Olson – Guitar
Daff Gravolin - Guitar
Jamie Harmer - Drums

Track Listing

  1. The Exterminator
  2. Manhattan Serenade
  3. Baboon
  4. This You Gotta Hear
  5. Disciplinary Procedure
  6. The Afterbirth Tycoon
  7. Leif the Unlucky
  8. Let Me Hang You
  9. Islam Inc
  10. The Queen Bee
  11. Clem Snide The Private Asshole
  12. Gentle Reader
  13. Quick

Pressing Information

1st Pressing - 987 "Blood, Bone & Vomit" - Blood Red w/ Black, Bone and Swamp Green Splatter
2nd Pressing - 496 "Bile and Blood" - Swamp Green/Milky Clear Color In Color w/ White and Oxblood Splatter
3rd Pressing - 964 "Extra Nasty" - Milky Clear with Bone, Ultra Clear, Black and Blood Red Splatter

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