The Sadies / King Khan - Split Single
$2.00 - $10.00

  • The Sadies / King Khan - Split Single

The Sadies / King Khan - Split Single
$2.00 - $10.00

King Khan and The Sadies are proud to announce a split 7" single, to be released digitally and on limited-edition brown vinyl on January 24 via Khannibalism / Ernest Jenning Record Co. / Sadisks. King Khan is joined by Mary Simich and Natalia Avelon on the A-side, "Old Gunga Din," while The Sadies alone are featured on "The Most Despicable Man Alive."

"I met Dallas Good when I was about 18 years old... For many years we would sneer and jeer at each other for no explainable reason... Could it have been a deep sexual tension, well of course it was, anyways those strange emotions turned rancid and volatile up until one day Jon Spencer wanted to cover a King Khan & BBQ Show song... Dallas refused to play it and his only reasoning was because 'King Khan is the most despicable man alive.'

This news travelled fast amongst our little community and this beef was thrown on the fire and doused in beautiful laughter, LSD, and a blood brotherhood that is stronger than said "rock" in "Like a Rock". I proudly exclaim my profound love for Dallas Good, he is my brother and this single is proof that Indian men are built like brick shithouses and make love like snakes."

-King BlackSnake Khan, emancipator of R n B

"Technically, King Khan is probably not THEE most despicable man alive. Definitely top 10 though.

- Dallas Good, The Sadies

Track Listing

  1. Old Gunga Din
  2. The Most Despicable Man Alive

Pressing Information

1000 Brown vinyl

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