King Khan - Hurtin' Class (feat. Ian Svenonius)
$2.00 - $8.00

  • King Khan - Hurtin' Class (feat. Ian Svenonius)

King Khan - Hurtin' Class (feat. Ian Svenonius)
$2.00 - $8.00


Consciousness regulation is the pre-occupation of the culture industry. The reduction of historical events to simplistic binaries and the erasure of all nuance, depth, and what–ifs.

The Civil Rights struggle has gotten this treatment in particular. Its now been ossified as a series of marches and sit-ins which led to the overturning of the most glaring US racial inequalities (e.g. segregated schools) and which culminated in the the martyrdom of its most charismatic leader, Martin Luther King Jr. With the riots following MLKs assassination, and the malaise following his death, "the movement" lost its hope, drive, and focus.

But Civil Rights was never just the monolith of angry Malcolm vs. peaceful Martin, and the history channel wants the population to forget that the "movement" was radicalized beyond what is generally understood.

Revolutionary groups abounded. Anti-colonialist movements overseas (Cuba, Vietnam, South Africa, Algeria, et al) served as inspiration for an anti-colonial struggle in the USA. The Black Panther Party set an example that had massive influence. When street gangs like the Vice Lords (Chicago) and the 1,000 member Slauson Gang... more
released October 16, 2015

In loving Memory of Dot Smith

The Players:
King Khan - Vocals, Bass, Guitar & Organ
Ian Svenonius - Vocals
Max Weissenfeldt - Drums

Produced by A. A. Khan
Mixed and Mastered by Nene Barratto on King Tubby's Mixer!!!
At Moon Studios & Porcodio Studios, Berlin 2015
Artwork by Michael Eaton

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