The Albertans

Dangerous Anything is The Albertans 3rd full-length album. The band spent a year conceiving the album while in Vancouver, BC ending up with an offering thatÕs dark and often challenging while still making previous comparisons to MGMT, CAN and Sparks as appropriate as ever. Recorded with Josh Stevenson (Nu Sensae), 'Dangerous Anything' is a culminating event for The Albertans: sonicly, the band has found its voices both disembodied and haunting, while musically they have begun to mine a krautrock territory hinted at on last years "The Hunter" EP. As always, the band deals in pop songforms, but 'Dangerous Anything' veers both heavier and softer with songs that seep out slowly before forming the off kilter hooks the band has made their name from.

The Albertans are a 4-piece consisting of synth, guitar, drums, and bass. The band stabilized its current line-up and location 2 years ago in Vancouver, BC. The Albertans write all songs together.

The Albertans - Dangerous Anything
September 20, 2013
Ernest Jenning Record Co.
The Albertans - New Age
March 8, 2011
Ernest Jenning Record Co.
The Albertans - The Hunter
March 23, 2012
Ernest Jenning Record Co.
The Albertans - Legends Of Sam Marco
June 23, 2009
Ernest Jenning Record Co.
The Albertans - Sex With An Angel
July 8, 2008
Ernest Jenning Record Co.

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