Kudzu Wish

After 7 years, 313 shows and 10 tours across North America, Greensboro, NC’s Kudzu Wish closed the book on the band at the end of September 2005.

Formed in 1998 by Devender Sellars, Eric Mann, Adam Thorn, Tim Lafollette, and Geordie Woods, then students at Greensboro’s Guilford College, Kudzu Wish quickly developed into a one-of-a-kind force, whose indie-punk anthems and unforgettable live show won over fans across the country. After a split 7” with FL’s And Sometimes I, the band joined forces with NY’s Ernest Jenning Record Co. who released 2002’s split CD with fellow NC rockers Disband. This was followed by 2003’s Reverse Hurricane LP, and 2005’s En Route EP; a stunning swan song recorded by J. Robbins

It’s hard to understand Kudzu Wish until you’ve seen them in action. After almost 300 shows, they’ve become something of a controlled implosion … you’re pretty sure that you aren’t going to get hurt, but when Adam Thorn's foot gets stuck in the rafters he's hanging from, and he decides to use his face to break the inevitable fall, you can't help but worry. And that may be why the people keep coming back.
The band has shared the stage as well as tours with the likes of The Rapture, Against Me!, Planes Mistaken for Stars, Engine Down, Jet by Day, Sweep The Leg Johhny, The White Octave, Don Caballero, The Forecast, Fifth Hour Hero and Maserati.

Kudzu Wish - Kudzu Wish
March 22, 2019
Ernest Jenning Record Co.
Kudzu Wish - Reverse Hurricane
September 9, 2003
Ernest Jenning Record Co.
Disband / Kudzu Wish - At The Scene of the Accident
July 23, 2002
Ernest Jenning Record Co.
Kudzu Wish - En Route
July 12, 2005
Ernest Jenning Record Co.