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23 May 2022

Welcome Poster Paints to EJRC! Been working on this one for the last year and we are overjoyed to (finally!) release their debut EP "Blood Orange"! --- Poster Paints are Glasgow's Simon Liddell (Frightened Rabbit, Olympic Swimmers) and Carla J. Easton creating a dreamy/magical/shimmering world of hooks and heart. --- Full-length LP coming (sooner than) later this year.

Still Fresh:

Linqua Franqa - Elected Athens-Clarke County Commissioner / Rapper / Parent / NPR Darling / Phd and so much more - This record holds a super special meaning for us and it's been resonating with folks everywhere. Get a taste with some of the incredible videos they've dropped so far and then dig into the whole LP which also features appearances by Jeff Rosenstock, Of Montreal, Kishi Bashi, Dope KNife and Angela Davis. We've still got copies on clear vinyl left but probably not for long!

Savak - Someone recently asked me how these guys do it - 5 records in 7 years, each one better than the last, constant shows, an ever-shifting line-up that's endlessly reliable. I have no idea but its a joy to be part of. Their latest LP features contributions from members of these bands that I also like: New Radiant Storm King, Tortoise, The Four Carnation, Garden Variety, Radio 4, and Monsterland. Also - as of this writing we have exactly 14 copies left of the beautiful looking clear / black splatter vinyl. You've been warned.

Mary Simich - Described by one of our most trusted critics as "Patsy Cline on a carousel" - Discovered in a random Berlin bar by our insatiable guru King Khan - Dropping a record that exists completely free of time and space. Mary Simich's debut LP introduces a voice of depth and beauty wrestling with the heart and mind over gently strummed guitars and carnival keys. It's a magical ride.

The Most Distant Object - New Order meets Chicago Post Rock and everyone wins. EVERY SONG ON THIS RECORD HAS A VIDEO! TMDO features members of C-Clamp and Dianogah (and features the entirety of Dianogah in its live line-up!) as well as otherworldly vocal contributions from Nora O'Connor (fun fact - this is our second release to feature Nora, who previously lent her killer vocal to Chris Mills' legendary 2005 Wall To Wall Sessions!) Did I mention this release is limited to 100 cassettes and there aren't a ton left?

Blunt Bangs - The best power pop record of the last year. Full stop. Members of Black Kids and former members of Woods. Hits. Lots of hits. And in the past 6 months these Athens, GA folks have toured relentlessly turning into a live force to be reckoned with. Listen up and go see them. Guaranteed Delight.

Running Low - Nearly out of colored vinyl for the new Savak, Not a ton of copies left of Vitreous Humor - Posthumous, The Rentals - Resilience, most of the Trummors catalog and Bomb The Music Industry - Vacation LPs.

On Tour - Linqua Franqa West Coast in JUNE! (announcing more details this week)! Built To Spill, Savak and the first Martha's Vineyard Ferries shows since the LP came out!

Thank you as always. We hope you are doing well.