Fizzle Like A Flood - Flash Paper Queen - The 4-Track Demos
$8.00 - $10.00

  • Fizzle Like A Flood - Flash Paper Queen - The 4-Track Demos

Fizzle Like A Flood - Flash Paper Queen - The 4-Track Demos
$8.00 - $10.00

"a beautiful masterpiece, one worth repeating multiple times" -- Delusions Of Adequacy - Feb. 2003

With his newest disc, Kabourek has again found himself fusing a heady concept with his already finely crafted music. The disc is centered on the mesmerizing lead single, "Like Wind Like Rain," a three-minute bit of genius that took Kabourek almost 6 months to complete. The song is easily his best work to date, a surging pop tune influenced by Phil Spector's "Wall of Sound" production that reaches a peak with almost fifteen converging melodies and harmonies and a few other surprises that are new to the Fizzle Like A Flood equation. The remainder of the album, "the demos," are in fact not demos at all, but rather a collection of stripped down tunes put together with a scratchy, homemade sound in mind. Recorded on 8-track, 4-track, and mono tape players, the ten acoustic anthems wander from the country-twist inflected "Maenad's Tattoo," to the piano based title track, all making use of Kabourek's sly wordplay and his mastery of lo-fi recording. Packaged as the demos ! with a "radio edit" bonus track from a record that never actually existed in the first place, the album delivers both Lou Barlow's Sentridoh and The Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations" on a single CD. The appearance of a fully-produced version of "Don't Go" on Redemption Records' NE vs. NC compilation earlier this summer (complete with the liner note "appears on the album Flash Paper Queen") leads one to wonder if any other songs from the album exist in a glossier form - or is it just Kabourek waving his magic wand. True to the magicians' code, Doug isn't telling.

Track Listing

  1. Like Wind Like Rain (Single)
  2. Don't Go
  3. Maenad's Tattoo
  4. Ashes To Lashes
  5. Love
  6. Let's Go Together
  7. The Curtain Felt
  8. Flash Paper Queen
  9. Touched For The Tag
  10. Aligned By The Autumn
  11. Like Wind Like Rain

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