Chris Mills - The Wall To Wall Sessions
$10.00 - $12.00

  • Chris Mills - The Wall To Wall Sessions

Chris Mills - The Wall To Wall Sessions
$10.00 - $12.00

"The most gorgeous piece of chamber pop released this year (2005).” - Atlanta Journal & Constitution

"The strongest album of Mills' career, as well as a testament to the communal spirit of Chicago's indie-rock underground." - Jim DeRogatis - Chicago Sun Times

"Mills is dead earnest about simulating the sound of Southern rock and soul in the days before elaborate overdubbing, and he succeeds remarkably well." - The Washington Post

"Mills' hidden elegance lies in the twist of lovesick metaphor, the wistful chord, the revisionist take on the slamming door." – NME

“Oh, I dreamed I was Richard Pryor, running on fire down the Sunset Strip.” - Chris Mills is Living the Dream

Ten years ago, in the middle of a freezing Chicago blizzard, veteran songwriter Chris Mills and 17 of the city’s brightest musical talents holed up for three days in the red shag carpeted confines of Wall to Wall Studios. A former Zenith sound stage, the 3000 square foot live room would be ground zero for Mills’s most ambitious project to date - The Wall to Wall Sessions -ten songs recorded completely live to 1/4 2-track tape - no computers, no overdubs - just a room full of world class Chicago musicians recording songs steeped in Mills' startling imagery, gut wrenching heart-ache, and lyrical romanticism.

Co-producer David Nagler (musical director of John Wesley Harding’s Cabinet of Wonders, Jon Langford Skull Orchard) provided lush string and horn arrangements, while sometime Decemberist Nora O’Connor and former Rock-a-Teen and current solo sensation Kelly Hogan (also of the Neko Case band) leant vocal muscle and gorgeous harmonies.

The resulting album won critical praise and fan adoration alike and carried Mills around the world to tour with acts including Lucero, Andrew Bird and Ben Folds.

Track Listing

  1. Chris Mills Is Living The Dream
  2. Escape From New York
  3. Dancing on the Head of a Pin
  4. A Farewell to Arms
  5. Mothra (Will You Please Be Quiet)
  6. In The Time of Cholera
  7. The World Some Sad Hour
  8. Everything About the Heart
  9. You Are My Favorite Song
  10. Constellations

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