Still Flyin' - Neu Ideas

  • Still Flyin' - Neu Ideas

Still Flyin' - Neu Ideas

Compilation of 2 7″s, a 12″ EP and a full slate of remixes from the likes of Hood Internet, Love is All, Signals, Papercuts and more)

Track Listing

  1. Victory Walker 2am
  2. Bull Riff
  3. Runaway Train II
  4. Strength
  5. Stay Wild, Tokelau
  6. All Lips Touch
  7. Neu Idea
  8. Victory Walker 6am
  9. Higher Than Five
  10. Victory Walker (Papercuts Remix)
  11. Strength (Signals Remix)
  12. Higher Than Five (Birds And Batteries Remix)
  13. Bull Riff (Love Is All Remix)
  14. Victory Walker (The Hood Internet 4 46am Remix)
  15. Bull Riff (Elephant & Castle Remix)
  16. Higher Than Five (Color Of The Sun Remix)

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