Went out for the weekend, it lasted forever
12 June 2024

FOUR new LPs available now, and they're all the best record you've ever heard.

Perennial - Art History - 12 Songs. 22 Minutes. Mod/Punk/Post-Hardcore/Sound Collage. This record does all of the things. The future of rock and roll? If we're lucky. Clear/black/green splatter vinyl only available from us.

+/- {Plus/Minus} - Further Afield - Their first new LP in a decade features some of the most propulsive and expansive music the band has ever made. Why does this record sound so beautiful? Is this what happens if we conquer technology and make it work for us? There are too many good songs on this record.

Wild Yaks - Monumental Deeds - We've released a lot of Yaks records. This is the one where it all clicks - a mix of of their unhinged live shows, triumphant howl-at-the-moon choruses, mesmerizing danceable grooves and wistful peans to lost love. 10 songs of hope and self-awareness.

Animal, Surrender! - S/T - Peter Kerlin (Sunwatchers and Chris Forsyth & Solar Motel Band) and drummer Rob Smith (Grey/Smith, Rhyton, Pigeons, D. Charles Spear) take you on a journey that's as beautiful as it is beguiling. Instrumental hypnotics with an emphasis on TONE. A record to get lost in.

We've also got copies of the just released Trummors - 5 - a cosmic country masterpiece of desert vibes and timeless songwriting. Only a few copies left of this one on coke bottle clear vinyl too!

And if you missed recent releases by SAVAK, Worriers, PAWS, Miranda & The Beat and more

Perennial on the west coast, and lots more show over HERE!