You're strange but don't change
24 October 2023

Scotland's PAWS are back with their 5th LP, a return to their roots that mixes the unfurled fury of their early records with the expansive and experimental sounds they've toyed with in more recent years. It's a monster of a record, and the whole thing is out this week!. ALSO, UK in November with Worriers!

And speaking of Worriers - There's a full US tour underway RIGHT NOW! - don't miss out:

Worriers' Trust Your Gut LP is also available right now! The 2nd Worriers LP of 2023 is a massive rock record that adds Franz Nicolay (The Hold Steady) and Atom Willard (RFTC, Alkaline Trio, 100 other bands) into the impossibly good mix. Still a SMALL handful of Black/Red/Grey twist vinyl available! And if you have yet to get your hands on Trust Your Gut's more subtle older sibling Warm Blanket (released this April) we've still got some copies of that on hand as well!

Pigeon Pit are about to be on the road too, traveling up and down the west coast (starting Oct 19th in PDX) before hitting Australia in November! We've also pressed up new cassette copies of both Treehouse and Feather River Canyon Blues for anyone that missed out the first time around.

Pigeon Pit - Treehouse LP (Reissue) & Pigeon Pit - Feather River Canyon Blues LP (3rd Pressing on Baby Blue Swirl) + New Cassette Pressings of Both! (Buy / Listen)

So much more on the way - come out to a show or buy a record or just say hey. We're happy you're out there.