The new dance craze is the same as the old one
7 April 2023

Lots of new stuff to grab!

Pigeon Pit's Treehouse LP! First ever vinyl pressing of this indie/folk/punk benchmark available for preorder now and likely shipping before the 5/19 release date... we also repressed last year's Feather River Canyon Blues (blue vinyl with white swirl for this version) and finally have CDs of that one as well.

Brand new Scoville Unit LP See What Can Be coming 6/2, new single and video out now, drenched in magical harmonies and indie pop goodness. limited to 200 copies on random color vinyl

Worriers new LP Warm Blanket is out everywhere today! pretty obsessed with this record - a new direction for the band that builds and builds on what they've already done and puts a perfect lo-fi pop sheen across it all. Red vinyl LPs still available!

Debut LP from Miranda And The Beat coming 5/26 - Motown meets the Misfits? This record is a monster of deep soul punk attitude. Clear blue vinyl in the store now.

King Khan's second magical punk jazz surf Bollywood odyssey The Nature of Things is out now on outerspace splatter black and white and clear vinyl and streaming everywhere. Take the ride.

We're down to maybe one more box of Beauty Pill's Blue Period 2xLP collection - no plans to repress this anytime soon so if you haven't grabbed one yet the clock is ticking. Maybe the nicest LP package we've ever done?

thanks everyone. enjoy some music. happy opening day.