It's only castles burning
19 August 2020

We’re still here. Glad to see you are too.

The latest LP from Trummors is out right now - a languid walk through western ghost towns that is easily their best LP yet - we’ve still got a few copies left of their previous three albums as well but they’re going fast!

The 2nd pressing of Built To Spill Plays The Songs of Daniel Johnston is in stock NOW - The response to this record has been incredible (and well deserved!) - if you haven’t gotten your hands on it yet now is the time!

New LPs from Flower, We Versus The Shark, Million Lands and Savak are all in the world right now as well, and we have a few more phenomenal titles to announce before the end of 2020 - might as well try to make the most of this year!

Sincere thanks for your support through the last year - it’s been endlessly strange and challenging and all of you listening has helped us more than you could imagine.