If we were all in the movies, Maybe we wouldn't be so bored
3 February 2020

It is with unfettered joy that we're finally able to announce: Built To Spill Plays The Songs Of Daniel Johnston - coming May 1st.

The album is up for preorder right now and we have a special very limited variant available only from EJRC. Both Built to Spill and the songs of Daniel Johnston have meant so much to us for so long and it's an honor to bring you this record.


We're also SO proud to present to you the latest Savak album - Rotting Teeth In The Horse's Mouth - coming April 10th.

This is the 4th album by these guys in the last 5 years (!), it comes right on the heels of last year's Mirror Maker EP (which we still have a FEW copies left of) and it's easily their best yet.

There's an insane amount of records coming up in 2020 - stay along for the ride.