metal/prog/gypsy/syncopated insanity. Violin, Bass, Drums. Bob is also in O'Death, Tris is also in Red Rocket/Grandchildren. New CD - Eagle's Nest, Devil's Cave in May 09. Always on tour. Other people's thoughts:

Skeletonbreath is truly one of the most original bands not only in the instrumental scene, but in the music scene in general

Not the raging metal band you might expect from the name, skeletonbreath is an innovative violin-bass-drums trio whose highly intricate instrumentals find the common ground between chamber music, Klezmer, and hard hitting art-rock
-Time Out New York

This East Coast instrumental trio combines bass, violin and drums to create dark and melodic, yet oddly catchy songs that'd make a sweet soundtrack for a haunted house in a rural Eastern Euro village.
-Detroit metro times

A twisted, slightly aggressive three man orchestra
-The L magazine

As accurate as "Halloween party music" (their description) and "Transylvanian surf rock" (my description) are in describing their sound, neither conveys how completely not campy they were live. Instead, violinist Robert Pycior's fiery strokes gave the music a restless gyspy spirit and a swooning eastern passion.
-Orlando City Beat

Weirdo stringsters skeletonbreath create stunningly intricate and melodious neo-classical compositions

The band is unique. Their sound is a tightly bonded amalgamation of musical elements, set on a classical base, that defies definition. They're dynamic and disquiet- fond of sudden, explosive bursts of auditory mayhem that resonate in your head like a string of firecrackers.

The level of energy rivals mating hornets or a gang of veteran seagulls battling for scraps off a human skullÉ They are that band you wish you would discover one night upon walking into a random club, fulfilling an inexplicable curiosity to explore and reveal a gem amidst the urban landscape

Skeletonbreath - Eagle's Nest, Devil's Cave
May 19, 2009
Ernest Jenning Record Co. / Safety Meeting Records
Skeletonbreath - Louise
September 1, 2005
Ernest Jenning Record Co.