Hunter Simpson

Originally from North Carolina, Hunter Simpson is a musician and songwriter based in Brooklyn and Copenhagen. He was the principle writer for the band Daytona, and has played guitar for Brooklyn rockers Wild Yaks on and off for years.

Goldmine is a smooth, contemplative collection, its eight songs flowing languidly from a wellspring of fingerpicked nylon-string guitars, nimble saxophone runs and tender melodies sung with conviction. The title track is a prime example of these principles in action, while "Where" uses brass accompaniment in entirely different ways, piling harmonies high to create thick melodic accents. Those sounds form the sonic backbone of the record, but tracks like "Windows" diverge pleasantly, boosting the percussion and adding electric guitars to allow for even more sonic expansion.

Goldmine was recorded at Fawn Forest Studio in Chatham County, NC in early 2016, by Ari Picker of Lost in the Trees. Musical contributors include Matt Douglas of the Mountain Goats and The Hot At Nights (saxophone) and Hunter's father Bland Simpson of The Red Clay Ramblers (piano).

Hunter Simpson - Goldmine
May 19, 2017
Ernest Jenning Record Co.