Animal, Surrender

“Animal, Surrender!” is Peter Kerlin (Sunwatchers and Chris Forsyth & Solar Motel Band) and drummer Rob Smith (Grey/Smith, Rhyton, Pigeons, D. Charles Spear). Kerlin leads the duo through a set of bass-driven compositions and interpretations, incorporating spare electronics through a post-rock/weird-folk trance with intricate and sometimes blasted interplay between the rhythm section. The project’s title refers to the ambiguous creatureliness of the human animal: How in trying to kill the animal within we eradicated all wildness on the planet; How in our never-ending evasion of any discomfort we guaranteed the destruction of all that sustains us. It's about other things too, like falling outs among friends and how even if it's the end it's not the end. Their self-titled debut will be released on Ernest Jenning Record Co. on May 17, 2024.

Tour Dates

Animal, Surrender! - Animal, Surrender!
May 17, 2024
Ernest Jenning Record Co.


$10.00 - $20.00