Pigeon Pit - Feather River Canyon Blues
$10.00 - $20.00

  • Pigeon Pit - Feather River Canyon Blues
  • Pigeon Pit - Feather River Canyon Blues
  • Pigeon Pit - Feather River Canyon Blues

Pigeon Pit - Feather River Canyon Blues
$10.00 - $20.00

"Pigeon Pit's folk-punk twang is as raw as it is rambling, but never reckless in its tender heart.” - NPR

"Lomes Oleander wraps defiant and devastating lyrics in comforting melodies” - Brooklyn Vegan

On Feather River Canyon Blues, Pigeon Pit’s Lomes Oleander crafts a world of country duets and inhalants, ghosted plans, lysergic fantasies of chosen families, and eyes lit up in porchlight.

Oleander’s folk-punk poetry glitters under gas station lights, weaving together themes of grief, codependency, political struggle, gender, self-love, and adventure. She tells stories that abandon traditional modes of time and linear narrative to reject a reality that is ever-increasingly defined by work, isolation, and detachment. Through the people she loves, she imagines a better place:

Kiss your crooked teeth, the trestle of your grin
A monument to a world worth living in.

Oleander, born in Santa Cruz, California, combines vivid imagery and near-frantic lyrical density in a self-described “journaling of queer survival, trauma, and the labyrinth of experience.” Pigeon Pit’s raw, dream-like songs channel Lucinda Williams and the Mountain Goats, played on a well-worn mix tape in a dark alley that sparkles with shattered glass.

Oleander’s performances range from solo acoustic to the six-piece country-influenced instrumentation of her first release in five years, Feather River Canyon Blues. The album was digitally self-released on New Year's Day 2022 and is now being made available on vinyl and cassette via Ernest Jenning Record Co.

Track Listing

  1. Love Letters
  2. Fire Escape
  3. Milk Crates
  4. River Song
  5. Empties
  6. Clawfoot
  7. Soup For My Family
  8. Tether
  9. Sunbleached
  10. Feather River Canyon Blues

Pressing Information

1st Pressing:
483 Black Vinyl
200 Pink Cassette

2nd pressing:
789 Baby Pink / Bone Splatter Vinyl

3rd Pressing - 500 Baby Blue / Bone Splatter Vinyl
200 Blue Cassette

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