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The album was originally recorded as part of Songs About Time, a photography, film, and music project that brought together a large group of accomplished artists who devoted themselves for 365 continuous days to create what the Germans call Gesamtkunstwerk-a total work of art. Originally titled 'Tokyo Blues,' the album is a collection of eighteen original scores that were composed for the films of Songs About Time.

The original title of the album was inspired by Japanese author Haruki Murakami's fifth novel, 'Norwegian Wood', which was re-titled 'Tokio Blues' for the Spanish translation. And now, appropriately enough, what was once Tokyo Blues has become 'Resilience.'

The change of title is appropriate in more ways than one: The music collected has a touch of melancholy but ultimately, when one listens attentively, it expresses hope and a quiet countenance. The duo of Lauren Chipman and Matt Sharp, who shared the role of musical director, would often start from a simple chord progressions that Sharp had intended for a traditional pop song. Chipman would then begin to substitue more complex "altered chords" which added a greater depth of color, creating a more experimental and modern arrangement. The result is what you hold in your hands: an elegant, invigorating and transcendent melodic synthesis.

With its orchestral gestures, delicate piano and poetic interludes, the music paints a fitting tribute to the character and resilience of the Japanese people.

"All profits from the sale of this album will be donated directly to the relief effort in Japan"

Track Listing

  1. October Thirteen
  2. February Twenty Four
  3. December One
  4. March Ten I Part Two
  5. November Twenty Four
  6. September Eight
  7. November Ten
  8. June Two
  9. February Ten
  10. January Twenty
  11. March Ten I Part One
  12. March Three
  13. December Thirty One
  14. July Twenty Eight
  15. July Twenty One
  16. May Twelve
  17. February Three
  18. October Twenty Seven

Pressing Information

500 Black

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