Wild Yaks

"a roman candle of a band" –The New York Times

"one of those cult bands that people either know and love, or don't know at all. Point is, those that do care, really care. We're firmly in the caring camp" –Fader

"the Yaks are a punk band at heart. They place passion before posturing, and that's why their set was easily the realest thing I've seen in several years of CMJ" –Time Out New York

These people. These people are crazy people. They have wild eyes and giant hearts. They are the soundtrack to every shambolic night and every bittersweet morning. They are Wild Yaks and the world is better with them in it. Always surrounded by tumult Martin Cartagena, Jose Aybar, and Rob Bryn are the crooked backbone to one of Brooklyn's most beloved rock bands. You won't find a person who has seen them that doesn't love them. You'll get lost in them. Live they are shamanistic, spiritual, a cult you'd actually join.

Tour Dates

Wild Yaks - Live At Rippers
July 16, 2021
Ernest Jenning Record Co. / Open Ocean
Wild Yaks - Million Years
November 20, 2012
Ernest Jenning Record Co.
Wild Yaks - Rejoice! God Loves Wild Yaks
June 2, 2015
Ernest Jenning Record Co.
Wild Yaks - 10 Ships (Don't Die Yet)
November 3, 2009
Ernest Jenning Record Co.
Wild Yaks - Great Admirer
June 21, 2019
Ernest Jenning Record Co.

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