The Everymen

Michael Venutolo-Mantovani
Thomas Barrett
Stephen Chopek
Jake Fiedler
Catherine Herrick
Will Hoffman
Geoff Morrissey
Jamie Zillitto
Scott Zillitto

"The Everymen inject each element of their energetic rock with palpable passion." - WNYC/NPR

"The best rock show I've seen in a long time." -

"The Everymen don't get enough attention for their earnest heartland music" - BrooklynVegan

"You can't help but feel that playing music is do or die for them." - Speak Into My Good Eye

With their new LP, New Jersey's THE EVERYMEN have come out of the studio with a record that is at times exalting, sorrowful, violent and embracing. Mixing the E Street's bar room party vibes with Rocket From The Crypt's swagger, The Replacements' emotions and Meat Loaf's soaring production, this is a record very rooted in influences that still strives and sounds inimitably EVERYMEN. From heavily distorted guitars to a chiming grand piano, from cigarette stained vocals to a gospel choir's calls, Free Jazz is as diverse as it is engaging and an album which won't soon be forgotten.

The Everymen - These Mad Dogs Need Heroes
June 10, 2016
Ernest Jenning Record Co.
The Everymen - Under the Covers With The Everymen
October 17, 2015
Ernest Jenning Record Co.
The Everymen - Givin' Up On Free Jazz
May 20, 2014
Ernest Jenning Record Co.