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The Black Hollies

Somewhere Between Here And Nowhere (CD/LP+7" EJRC100)

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The Black Hollies - Softly
    1. No Illusion
    2. Unless It's My Imagination
    3. Benevolent Beacon
    4. Daydreams
    5. Somewhere Between Here and Nowhere
    6. When It's Time To Come Down
    7. Forwards And Backwards
    8. Here Comes the Rain
    9. Where Do We Go From Here
    10. Wake Me When It's Over
    11. Lunatic Influenza Part I: Yesterday's Sorrows(The Past Is Washed Away With Change)
    12. Lunatic Influenza Part II: Take Me As I Am
    13. Lunatic Influenza Part III: PATH Into the Sun

Softly Towards The Light (CD/LP EJRC056)

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The Black Hollies - Softly
  1. Run With Me Run
  2. Gloomy Monday Morning
  3. When You're Not There
  4. Everything's Fine
  5. Number Ten Girl
  6. Lead Me To Your Fire
  7. Look What You've Done
  8. Can't Stop These Tears (From Falling)
  9. How Did We Get Here
  10. Don't Be Afraid To Ask
Casting Shadows (CD/LP EJRC036)

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The Black Hollies - Hush 7"
  1. Whispers Beneath The Willows
  2. Paisley Pattern Ground Mp3
  3. Under A Winter's Spell
  4. The Autumn Chateau
  5. Hamilton Park Ballerina
  6. Bruised Tangerines
  7. That Little Girl
  8. If You Won't Let Go
  9. Running Through My Mind
  10. Patient Sparrow
Hush b/w Forty Days (7” EJRC029)

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The Black Hollies - Hush 7"
  1. Hush
  2. Forty Days

Crimson Reflections (CD EJRC023)

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The Black Hollies - Crimson Reflections
  1. No Need To Be Rude
  2. (Baby) I'm Your Fool
  3. Crimson Reflections Through Looking Glass Mind Mp3
  4. Get Yourself Together, Girl
  5. A Different Class
  6. Always Got Something
  7. You've Been Gone Too Long Mp3
  8. Come And Tell Me
  9. French Blues
  10. Eyes Of Mermaide

Tell Me What You Want (7” EJRC020)

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The Black Hollies - Tell Me What You Want 7"
  1. Tell Me What You Want
  2. Tired Of Being Lonely

"Their sound, a mash up of British Invasion blues, guitar heroics and psychedelia that would bring a smile to Brian Jones’ face." - Rolling Stone

"The best band currently making the rounds in NYC" - The L Magazine

Justin Angelo Morey
- Vocals/guitar
Ashley Anderson Morey
- Bass/vocals
Jon Gonnelli
- Farfisa/ guitar/vocals
Herbert Wiley
- Guitar/vocals
Nick Ferrante
- Drums

Led by Justin Angelo Morey and his long-time collaborators Herbert Wiley and Jon Gonnelli (all three of whom are also members of the recently reunited Rye Coalition) as well as drummer Nick Ferrante (White Hills), the band's latest album is the product of nearly three years of writing and recording.

Initially conceived in 2010 the record was repeatedly scrapped and restarted while Morey demoed a huge amount of music in both Jersey City and Nashville. Ultimately he entered Moonlight Mile studio in Hoboken with engineer Mike Moebius in January of 2012 with 20+ songs loosely arranged in his head and a plan to put them all to tape over the course of 3 weekends. Instead the process took nearly a year of constant recording and rearranging, with the band members all contributing to an endless wall of sounds utilizing rare fuzz boxes and old combo organs and Morey himself tracking everything from his usual bass and vocals to drums and guitar.

The end result is the most timeless record of the bands career with influences as divergent as Spacemen 3, Can, The 13th Floor Elevators, and The Stone Roses weaving in and out of noise drenched pop songs and extensive hallucinatory suites that never fully obscure the catchy core that exists Somewhere Between Here And Nowhere.

CD Contains full 13 track sequence, LP features alternate sequence and edits spread over a 12" and 7" record as well as an included coupon for digital download of the CD sequence.

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